Speaking @ AIR Summer Camp in Belgium

This week i will attend an AIR Summer Camp in belgium.
I will talk about Bits And Bytes with AIR and give some insights to RichFLV and RichMp3.
I`m a bit nervous but also flattered to see my name on an official Adobe document 😉
I`ve prepared a lot of samples and plan to post them along with my presentation later this week.
The Adobe Beneluxe Team seems to do quite a good job in promoting AIR wonder why it`s so quite here in germany ?

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3 thoughts on “Speaking @ AIR Summer Camp in Belgium

  1. … hätten ja aber mal deinen namen richtig schreiben können 😉
    viel spass in belgien!

  2. Master Dobbler!

    Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your presentation and superb paintball skills last week! The Lost Born Dobbler Republic rules!

    If you have any pictures could you email them to me?

    Cheers! Eric-Paul.

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