Editing Mp3s with Apollo

This is just a quick sample app that allows you to cut an mp3 file and get some information about it.
It`s all implemented using the ByteArray class and allows to read the frames and their headers from an mp3 file.
With this information it`s possible to cut the mp3 and create a new one. It would even be possible to merge several mp3 files into one long file.
I`m experimenting with this because i want to enable RichFLV to change the sound and add new mp3 sound tracks to the flv.
You can download my prove of concept Mp3 tool here. (You`ll need the alpha Apollo Runtime)

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3 thoughts on “Editing Mp3s with Apollo

  1. hey, this is awesome. I can’t get Apollo to work right now, so I’m not sure if you included the source with your example. Would it be possible to publish the source of how to trim an mp3 file, creating a new one?
    This functionality is the key feature to a project I’m working on, so I would reeeaally appreciate it.
    Thanks :)

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